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Hagel Announces Reduction in Civilian Furlough Days

Hundreds of thousands of Defense Department civilian employees who have had to take a weekly unpaid day off from work since July 8 are getting some relief, as the total number of furlough days has been reduced from 11 to six, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced today. Continue reading

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DoD still evaluating whether to furlough employees, Hale says

Should furloughs be necessary, civilian employees would begin receiving notices as early as May, and would not to come to work for as many as 2 days per pay period beginning in June and through the rest of the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. Continue reading

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IRS cuts furlough day, DoD not so fortunate

The Internal Revenue Service made enough cuts to cancel one of its 5 furlough scheduled furlough days for fiscal 2013.
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Is a Sequester Tipping Point Coming?

When $85 billion in broad spending cuts went into effect in March the world didn’t end. Kids weren’t kicked out of school en masse, hundreds of thousands weren’t laid off, the economy didn’t tank. Sequestration was overhyped and the deluge never came. But it may begin to pour this summer. Continue reading

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