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Drones take real estate marketing to new heights

Though all real estate is local, there are some national issues that affect the industry. Real estate agents across the country have been waiting for the Federal Aviation Administration to release guidelines permitting the use of drones for commercial purposes, such as marketing real estate. Continue reading

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ComEd, IIT Team Up To Use Drones To Inspect Power Lines

The Federal Aviation Administration has authorized ComEd to use drones to streamline the inspection of its power lines.
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FAA wants to speed approval process for commercial drones

(Reuters) – The Federal Aviation Administration is seeking ways to speed up the approval process for commercial drone operations, but its efforts have been hindered by its lack of authority to review multiple applications on a group basis, the FAA … Continue reading

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FAA Poised to Deal with Drones

People are using them, businesses see endless possibilities with them and now the Federal Aviation Administration is proposing some rules and regulations for dealing with drones. Continue reading

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Center-Level Small Business Subcontractor of the Year ClancyJG International

ClancyJG International has direct experience in providing contract resources on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Defense (DoD) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) support contracts and is currently a FAA and DoD Prime Contractor Continue reading

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No drones: FAA only wants pigskin in the air at Super Bowl

FAA releases video reminding everyone that the Super Bowl is a “No Drone Zone”
On Super Bowl Sunday, the FAA will establish a virtual no-fly zone around the stadium Continue reading

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5 Ways Unmanned Drones Could Affect The American Food Supply

When it comes to drones, “your imagination can go pretty wild in terms of what would be possible,” says Roger Johnson, president of the National Farmers Union. Continue reading

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A drone crashes in the middle of a Capitol Hill hearing about drones

The debate about where aerial drones should be allowed is wide-ranging, but on Wednesday it included an unexpected site: a small, remote-control aircraft flew around a congressional hearing. Continue reading

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CNN, FAA partner in drone research for newsgathering

Since last year, the cable news network has been studying the use of drones for news-gathering by teaming up with researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology Continue reading

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U.S. drone rules remain in the hangar in 2014

The United States missed a year-end deadline for publishing new rules on remote-control aircraft, delaying an eagerly awaited step toward using drones in everything from farming to package delivery. Continue reading

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