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A drone crashes in the middle of a Capitol Hill hearing about drones

The debate about where aerial drones should be allowed is wide-ranging, but on Wednesday it included an unexpected site: a small, remote-control aircraft flew around a congressional hearing. Continue reading

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U.S. drone rules remain in the hangar in 2014

The United States missed a year-end deadline for publishing new rules on remote-control aircraft, delaying an eagerly awaited step toward using drones in everything from farming to package delivery. Continue reading

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Where you can and can’t fly a drone

Thousands will receive drones as Christmas presents this year but, as a recent near-miss with an airliner shows, the authorities face a battle to stop them being used irresponsibly. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones have long crossed over from … Continue reading

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F.A.A. Has Power to Levy Fines on Commercial Drone Users

The government has the power to hold drone operators accountable when they operate the remote-control aircraft recklessly, the National Transportation Safety Board said on Tuesday. Continue reading

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Drone Safety

Currently it is illegal to use your drone photography for commercial purposes. This is a big bummer for real estate agents and others that could benefit from high quality aerial photos. Continue reading

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Can you shoot down a drone on your land? New incident raises self-defense questions

After a New Jersey man spotted his neighbor’s camera-equipped drone flying over his house this week, he fetched a shotgun and peppered the drone with holes, knocking it from the sky. Did he have a right to do so? Continue reading

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US scientists working on mind-controlled drones for military use

University researchers in Texas say they are designing a new type of drone – one that could be controlled simply and only with a soldier’s mind. Continue reading

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