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Planting A Billion Trees A Year With Drones

An American company has earnestly begun planning to replant deforested areas using drones. The company plans to plant a billion trees per year remotely. Continue reading

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Drones are now used to save animals from being poached in Africa

With this breakthrough technology, drones can now be used to steer animals away from poachers as well as identify the poachers themselves. Continue reading

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FAA Poised to Deal with Drones

People are using them, businesses see endless possibilities with them and now the Federal Aviation Administration is proposing some rules and regulations for dealing with drones. Continue reading

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A drone crashes in the middle of a Capitol Hill hearing about drones

The debate about where aerial drones should be allowed is wide-ranging, but on Wednesday it included an unexpected site: a small, remote-control aircraft flew around a congressional hearing. Continue reading

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