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Future of Supersonic Travel: From Sonic ‘Boom’ to Sonic ‘Thump’

“NASA has been working for decades, essentially, on looking at technologies to take the ‘boom’ out of ‘boom,’” says Peter Coen, NASA’s Commercial Supersonic Technology Project manager. “We’d like to have sonic thump or just sonic sound. The idea is … Continue reading

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NACA – NASA 1915-2015 “We Fly, We Explore, We Measure, We Reveal, We Discover”

On March 3, 1915, Congress established the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) to “direct and conduct research and experimentation in aeronautics, with a view to their practical solution.” Continue reading

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This Week @ NASA

Stories in this program include: • This Week @ NASA • Upcoming activities and NASA TV coverage (all times EST unless otherwise indicated) • News highlights • Press releases and web features from the previous week Latest Edition of “This … Continue reading

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Big asteroid to fly by Earth Monday

Two views of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko showing five possible touch down sites for the Rosetta mission's Philae lander. The European Space Agency is shortly due to identify its favored option for the scheduled November landing Continue reading

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Scientists just discovered the most Earth-like planet ever

NASA announced the discovery of eight Earth-like planets outside of our solar system, and one of them has perhaps the best chance scientists have found yet for harboring extraterrestrial life. Continue reading

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NASA Passes on the Torch: Conquest of Space Redefined

Just as a relatively clear sky welcomed a blood moon early morning Tuesday, April 15 at Columbia, clouds soon covered the spectacular total eclipse. Just as the infamous 20th century space race peaked in 1969, space exploration has gradually declined … Continue reading

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Unmanned NASA-contracted rocket explodes over eastern Virginia

Your video will play in 0 secs STORY HIGHLIGHTS NEW: Explosion shows space travel “a really tough business,” NASA official says NEW: Spacecraft, rocket alone cost over $200 million, Orbital Sciences exec says NEW: Space station crew is in good … Continue reading

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