Who are we?

Business partners John Clancy and Donald Rhea have over 75 years combined technical, management, operations, and maintenance experience with Federal, State, and Local Municipalities including the the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Department of Defense (DoD), and major prime contractors, suppliers, and vendors.

John Clancy founded ClancyJG International, previously ClancyJG Aviation Consulting in 2007. Prior to founding ClancyJG International, he was a Senior Executive for the FAA serving as the Director Western Terminal Service Area. He directed terminal operations within 12 western states responsible for developing programs and standards associated with terminal air traffic management consisting of approximately 3000 individuals, 50-90 Federal Contract Towers and a budget in excess of $460M. Specifically he provided direction in major program areas such as safety, training, program operations, operations support, finance and administration including the implementation of national policies, procedures and practices that applied to terminal operations. He served both as a terminal and en route controller, staff officer in the terminal environment, and air traffic manager at both a terminal and en route facility.

Donald Rhea has a broad based background in Air Traffic Control, Aviation,  Aeronautics, Aerospace, Range Systems, Simulation and Training, Systems Development and Implementation, Engineering, and Professional Services. Prior to joining ClancyJG International he served as a Vice President and Chief Operations Officer for an internationally-known provider of products and services to the DoD, NASA, FAA, and major prime contractors. His technical expertise led to the successful development of air traffic control trainers, real-time flight test systems, tracking and data acquisition capabilities and facilities, and multiple aircraft simulators and trainers. Prior to entering the private sector, he was the Manager of the NASA Western Aeronautical Test Range and served as an engineer supporting the development and modernization of range and simulation systems. He is a graduate of Chapman University with graduate studies at the University of Southern California, has authored and published fifteen technical papers, and is the recipient of several awards and honors including a NASA Space Act Award.


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  1. BJ says:

    You need to delete the last paragraph on your “About” page. It was part of the template you used.

  2. Robert Clark says:

    I recently retired from the FAA, with thirty-six years of air traffic control experience. I was stationed at Edwards Air Force Base as an air traffic controller from 1975-1979. I started working for the FAA at Los Angeles Tower from August 1981-October 1988. After that I transferred to Coast Approach. I was there until May 1994, and then transferred to Southern California TRACON when Coast was transferred there. I was an on the job instructor, worked as a traffic management coordinator, and then was promoted to Supervisor. My last six years was spent as a supervisor in the Coast area and in the Del Rey Area, (Los Angeles departures). I am seeking employment as a part time consultant. If you have job openings, I would appreciate an opportunity to be considered. I would like to stay in San Diego, but could travel, if needed.

    Thank you,

    Robert E. Clark
    17023 Abra Way
    San Diego, CA 92128
    H: 858-675-9394
    C: 858-945-8580

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