NACA – NASA 1915-2015 “We Fly, We Explore, We Measure, We Reveal, We Discover”

NACA – NASA 1915-2015 “We Fly, We Explore, We Measure, We Reveal, We Discover”



.5 minute NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center video used for AVBOT 2/27 Outlook Conference


On March 3, 1915, Congress established the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) to “direct and conduct research and experimentation in aeronautics, with a view to their practical solution.”

In 1946 at Muroc, California the NACA established a facility known as the NACA High-Speed Flight Research Station, now known as the NASA Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center, to conduct flight research and validate the technologies of high speed flight, including the Collier Trophy winning supersonic X-1 and hypersonic X-15 rocket planes.

Today NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center at Edwards, California is helping advance NASA’s missions of aeronautics research, Earth and space science and aerospace technology. In 2014 the Center was named for Neil A. Armstrong, an NACA and NASA research test pilot from 1955 to 1962 who went on to command the historic Apollo 11 mission. It is home to the Hugh L. Dryden Aeronautical Test Range and serves as NASA’s center of excellence for atmospheric flight research.

Topics include:
Celebrating a New Name: Armstrong Flight Research Center
High-Speed testbeds- quieter supersonic flight studies- F-15 F-18
Advanced Flight Control Software- increased flight safety- F-18 853
New UAV Technologies- simulations & flight tests- Ikhana
High Altitude Hydrogen Powered UAV- successful flight tests
Tail-less Flight Concept mimics bird flight- PRANDTL
Fiber-Optic Sensors- measure wing loads in flight- APV-3
Shape-Shifting Wings- flight tests- GIII
Airborne Science- studies our planet- C-20 DC-8 ER-2 RQ-4
Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy- reached full operational capacity- SOFIA
Innovative Inflatable Heat Shields- flight load tests- HIAD
Towed Glider Air Launch System- flight tests
Vertical Landing Rocket- private industry testbed- Masten Xombie
Orion Spacecraft- NASA’s Next Giant Leap- Ikhana


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