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FAA streamlines rules to speed up permits to fly drones

Federal aviation officials, battered by complaints that bureaucratic hurdles are preventing industry from realizing the economic benefits of drones, announced Tuesday they are streamlining rules to expedite permits to fly small, commercial unmanned aircraft. Continue reading

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Senator Cory Booker To Introduce Commercial Drone Legislation Following FAA’s Amazon Ruling

DHL has already begun experimenting with drone delivery in Germany. Senator Cory Booker is expected to introduce a bill on Tuesday that will allow for companies to test drones for commercial purposes in the U.S. Continue reading

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FAA plans new steps to speed up commercial drone use: sources

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration plans to unveil new steps soon to make it easier for companies to use drone aircraft for specific business operations, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Continue reading

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These Are The Top 20 US Accelerators

Startup accelerators have become a prominent feature of the tech landscape in recent years, with more and more programs popping up every month. Continue reading

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Drones take real estate marketing to new heights

Though all real estate is local, there are some national issues that affect the industry. Real estate agents across the country have been waiting for the Federal Aviation Administration to release guidelines permitting the use of drones for commercial purposes, such as marketing real estate. Continue reading

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U.S. Will Allow Export of Armed Drones

The State Department announced new policies Tuesday stipulating that U.S. drones can only be exported through government programs and that the receiving country needs to agree to certain conditions about what the drone will be used for. Continue reading

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Drones are now used to save animals from being poached in Africa

With this breakthrough technology, drones can now be used to steer animals away from poachers as well as identify the poachers themselves. Continue reading

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