Drones for Peace

Drones for Peace

Drones for Peace

Unmanned aerial vehicles, better known these days as drones, are capable of serving a number of practical and humanitarian purposes, not just those mentioned so often in the press. The drone technology has developed to the point that they can be outfitted with an array of equipment to perform various tasks in the interest of peace and safety.

The idea of drone journalism isn’t a new one, but it is now more practical to put into actual use, attaching cameras to drones to provide real-time video coverage of events. These remote-controlled reporters cannot be censored or edited and can provide the world with a window on current happenings around the globe.

The use of conservation drones can not only help in battling things like wildfires, they can help monitor conditions in remote areas to help predict or even prevent these fires. They can also patrol for illegal poachers and help search for missing campers, hikers, skiers, or climbers.

Drones may be used to patrol more desolate stretches of roads and highways to spot breakdowns and accidents. Stranded boaters can also be spotted by these eyes in the sky.

In a humanitarian crisis, unmanned drones can monitor evacuations, search for survivors, and help evaluate damages. Larger drones may even be capable of delivering emergency food, water, and medical supplies.
The concept of drones for peace is an important one and we can’t let their potential go unrealized. Their capabilities are only just beginning to be appreciated.


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