Congress Wants to Know the FAA’s Plans for Commercial Drones

The FAA’s plans to release rules for using commercial drone rules has a lot of people wondering what the FAA is thinking, and now Congress would like to hear directly about what people can expect when the rules, due next September, arrive. The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, specifically the aviation subcommittee, announced on Friday that it will hold a hearing to see how the rules are coming, bringing in

“While the United States has the technology and practical expertise to be the global leader in the UAS industry, many complex policy issues remain to be addressed,” the committee’s statement said. “Moreover, there are growing signs that governments and entrepreneurs outside of the United States are making significant strides in this growing industry.  This hearing will focus on the state of the emerging UAS industry in the United States, including the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) ongoing efforts to safely integrate unmanned devices into the airspace, unresolved legal and public policy issues, and U.S. competitiveness.”

There are plenty of groups, photojournalists, filmmakers and more are keen to get their drones in the air. They are fighting to keep the rules from being so restrictive as to require pilot licenses or other barriers, even if right now reckless drone flying is treated the same as reckless plane flying. The hearing will happen on Dec. 10.

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