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Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo crashes in Mojave desert

One person is dead Friday after Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo experimental rocket plane crashed in the Mohave Desert after the aircraft suffered an “in-flight anomaly” during a test flight. Continue reading

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Unmanned NASA-contracted rocket explodes over eastern Virginia

Your video will play in 0 secs STORY HIGHLIGHTS NEW: Explosion shows space travel “a really tough business,” NASA official says NEW: Spacecraft, rocket alone cost over $200 million, Orbital Sciences exec says NEW: Space station crew is in good … Continue reading

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Northrop Grumman Corporation successfully completed precision sloped landing tests Aug. 27 with the MQ-8C Fire Scout at Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu, in preparation for at-sea testing.
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Drone Safety

Currently it is illegal to use your drone photography for commercial purposes. This is a big bummer for real estate agents and others that could benefit from high quality aerial photos. Continue reading

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Surreptitious Little Eyes in Canadian Skies: What you don’t know about drones in Canada

  Photograph of “The Low Light” UAV disclosed in an Access Information Request to Reem Zaia on September 27, 2014. They visualize, detect, measure, analyze, interpret, target, and – wait for it – they fly unattended. Many of us are … Continue reading

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FAA sends Congress a plan to speed up NextGen implementation

FAA said it has sent a plan to Congress for accelerating the implementation of the satellite-based NextGen air traffic control (ATC) system. NextGen has been criticized by members of Congress and US airlines for being rolled out too slowly and … Continue reading

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A Future Air-Traffic Control System For Drones Could Use Cellphones

How do you keep small drone aircraft safe in the world’s busiest national airspace? One idea is to have them use cellphone networks to feed data back to an air traffic control system made just for drones. Continue reading

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