Drone Footage Over Hong Kong Protests Reveals The Magnitude Of The Movement (VIDEO)

The phrase “The whole world is watching,” originating from the 1968 Chicago DNC anti-war protests which were filmed live on television,  have become the battle cry against repressive governments in the 21st century across the globe.  Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Greece, Europe, North and South America – to name a few, have held the rest of the world captive with scenes of  revolt in the past few years. Now the world’s eyes are turning to Hong Kong.

The flames of revolt that began after a Tunisian fruit vendor  light himself on fire in an act of self immolation quickly turned into digital fire, fanning out in waves of tweets, YouTube videos, Facebook posts and whatever else the kids are challenging the status quo with these days.

The demonstrations in Hong Kong have their own unique aspirations and tribulations, but they are apart of the same global insurrection that is sweeping the planet. When people of color and allies stood up against institutionalized racism and police brutality they were met with the force of the militarized police. When the Ferguson Police Department fired tear gas at protesters, Palestinians were watching. They tweeted out tips on how to avoid breathing in the noxious gas. When protesters in Ferguson stood up and screamed “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,”  the people of Hong Kong were watching. Now after being victimized by the Hong Kong police activists in Hong Kong are too chanting “Stand Up. Don’t Shoot.”

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