Let’s hope the FAA takes a common sense approach to Drone/UAV regulations


With all the recent headlines pertaining to drone usage (Hobby/Commercial), it is important that the regulation question gets answered sooner rather than later. Businesses, like ours, are already using drones to enhance or build upon their services. Real Estate, commercials, S&R teams, farmers, etc… have been showing that there is a legitimate business need for commercial drone use. However, like most government regulations, there is a fear that the rules will be too strict with little to no common sense in their application.

We at AireVue use drones to help our clients market their businesses. Visual marketing is our specialty and nothing adds that “wow” factor to a video than using aerial footage. I have talked to other business owners who are using drones and we all agree that there should be some regulation/rules to commercial drone use. Safety & privacy are the primary reasons why we think there should be some sort of licensing path to commercial drone use.

Licensing will help separate legitimate business use from those who are frankly just messing around. If a person has to invest time and money in being legally licensed they are more likely to approach what we do as professional. What we don’t want is people spying on people or flying dangerously low or close to buildings/people. These are legitimate concerns and they must be addressed. Nothing would be worse for our craft than rouge pilots giving us a black eye.

I hope common sense will prevail with the FAA as they write new regs. Not taking a “one size fits all” approach will allow for acceptable usage for both professionals and hobbyists.

– Jason C. Frazier, CEO of AireVue

For those of us involved in this new industry it is important that you contribute your thoughts while they are opened for public comment. You can click here to voice your opinion to the FAA.

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