The World’s Premiere Flight Test Facility

Mojave Air and Space Port emerged as the leading aerospace test center for commercial operations in North America. No longer a sleepy high desert general aviation Mojave Airport destination, Mojave Air and Space Port has amassed more first flights and significant newsworthy flight activity than any other airport in the world over the past ten years.

Currently home to more than 60 companies engaged in flight development to light industrial to highly advanced aerospace design, flight test and research and even heavy rail industrial manufacturing, Mojave Air and Space Port and industrial park might very well be a future destination for your business.

Over the past ten years we have upgraded infrastructure, added 3,000 feet of runway and integrated a new commercial development taxiway system. Aerospace and Industry are flocking to the High Desert and specifically to Mojave airport to design, test and produce tomorrow’s leading edge products. The wind industry and aviation industry rely heavily on composite fabrication utilizing carbon fiber and fiberglass technology, both resident at Mojave Air and Space Port through a network of design, fabrication and testing firms.

The commercial aircraft industry relies heavily on firms located at Mojave Airport to perform aircraft inspections, storage and part-out. Many specialty firms at Mojave focus specifically on engine development, noise reduction technology, advanced cockpit display development and major airframe design modifications. Mojave Air and Space Port is home to the National Test Pilot School (accredited in 2006), where more test pilots are educated than any other site in the world. Flight research activities include endo- and exo-atmospheric craft supporting private sector and government funded projects. In 2004 Mojave Spaceport hosted the Ansari X Prize suborbital space flights. The only Americans to reach space in 2004 in a United States craft did so from Mojave Spaceport.

Our upgraded rail infrastructure and switch engine moves product in/out of Mojave Air and Space Port with 34 daily rail car shipments through a license agreement with Union Pacific. Three companies operate on our rail spur moving raw product onto the airport and manufactured product out.

Our future is bright. We completed a precise development plan in 2006 along with three fence-to-fence environmental assessments. Our planning has been adopted by the Kern County Board of Supervisors and the Kern County Planning Department. Our team of highly experienced business professionals is ready to review your business interests, and craft contracts for start-ups to large aerospace and industrial firms.

At Mojave we want your business and welcome the opportunity to review your plans, show you our 3300 acres and operational professionalism while discussing in detail your goals and objectives.


Stuart Witt, CEO and General Manager
Mojave Air and Space Port


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