NSA Chief: Snowden “Probably Not” A Russian Spy


Despite Congressional bloviation, the NSA doesn’t think that Edward Snowden is a foreign spy. NSA Chief Admiral Michael Rogers doesn’t think it likely that Snowden is working for Russia, or any other country’s intelligence apparatus.

“Could he have? Possibly. Do I believe that’s the case? Probably not,” said Rogers.

The only surprising element of the Rogers comment is that he said it. There has been a steady drumbeat of intrigue and dreck trying to tie Snowden to Russia, as something of a poodle or other sort of lapdog. Here are a few samples for flavor.

Snowden’s own words:

“I have no relationship with the Russian government at all. I’m not supported by the Russian government. I’m not taking money from the Russian government. I’m not a spy.”

Senator Feinstein’s take:

Feinstein was then asked by Meet the Press host David Gregory if she agreed that Snowden might have had Russian…

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