G2 Crowd Raises $2.3 Million To Challenge Gartner


With an eye on capturing some of Gartner’s $6.28 billion market cap, the crowd sourced software review service G2 Crowd has raised $2.3 million in its first institutional round of financing.

The Chicago-based company touts itself as a Yelp for enterprise software, but investors like Stuart Larkins from Chicago Ventures think that the opportunity is actually larger. “The Gartners of the world only look at the very tops of the echelons,” Larkins says. “There are several verticals that can be served and nobody really tracks all of that.”

The ability to offer what amount to peer-reviews of new enterprise software as a service products is actually pretty persuasive. And while there are issues around some companies who might try to game the system with false positive reviews, the ability to use LinkedIn as the verification methodology for a person’s identity was persuasive enough to convince Larkins’ firm to invest in…

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