The Rabbit Proto Can Print Real Electronics


Stanford students Alex Jais, Manal Dia, and Rohan Maheshwari have created a 3D printer that creates electronic traces – the flat metallic connections found on circuit boards. By replacing a standard plastic extruder on a 3D printer, the Rabbit Proto can “print” electronic wires inside a solid object, allowing you to build a sort of hybrid system that is both structural and conductive.

The project began in a design class where the team created a device with the ability to “print electronic ink on 3D surfaces.” By adding a simple extruder and conductive ink to a standard 3D printer, they were able to reduce the price of the kit down to $350 for a single extruder module or $450 for a dual extruder system that can be connected right to a standard 3D printer. The latter solution, called the Super Rabbit, allows you to print both plastic and the wires…

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