Extended Volvo CarPlay Demo Video Shows Touch Scrolling, Integration With Other Car Software


Apple is showing off CarPlay at the Geneva Auto Show this week with its first crop of car makers, and so far we’ve seen it in action in Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, but a new video gives an extended look at how it works with Volvo cars. The demo features an Apple rep taking it through real-world usage scenarios including finding destinations in Maps and having text-based conversations.

The video shows an interface that is quite different from that found in the Ferrari system, with smooth touch-based scrolling of content instead of button-controlled paging through tracks and other lists. It also shows the CarPlay integration running alongside, or perhaps even within a wrapper of the existing in-car software, as this double-tall touch display panel shows off a list of other features including Volvo’s own navigation software and media management.

Volvo’s CarPlay integration definitely looks like one of the better…

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