Destination Mojave Air & Space Port for 2014 Biggest Event

Destination Mojave Air & Space Port for 2014 Biggest Event
The region’s largest business event returns to the Antelope Valley on Friday, February 21, 2104. Featuring presentations from national and regional leaders in business, economics and policymaking, the Antelope Valley Business Outlook Conference is a must-attend event!

In a bold move reflecting the region’s cutting edge aerospace research heritage, the 2014 Antelope Valley Business Outlook Conference will be held at Mojave Air & Space Port’s newly completed Events Center on Friday, Feb. 21.
Officers and Directors of the sponsoring Antelope Valley Board of Trade enthusiastically embraced Business Outlook Conference Chairman Al Hoffman’s recommendation to relocate the premiere business conference to Mojave for one year.
Hoffman said, “We think this is a great opportunity. We are focusing this Outlook Conference on innovation, inspiration, and shaping the future. That fits in very well with the Mojave Air and Spaceport.” The theme for the 2014 event will be announced later, along with the names of speakers.
The completely renovated Events Center, a hangar style structure dating back to World War II, will allow Outlook Conference attendees to see displays of real aerospace and technology hardware inside and outside the building, as they hear top flight speakers offer insights on the region’s economic future.
The building is designed to accommodate up to 1,400 conference-goers, but Hoffman projects attendance in the area of 900 for 2014.
The additional floor space, inside and out, will allow organizers to showcase hardware from some of the 45 companies working on advanced technologies in aerospace, energy, transportation and communications at the Mojave Air & Spaceport. “It makes sense to offer a more interactive experience by showing off all the great technologies being created from throughout the Valley,” Hoffman said. He also noted that the timing for the one-year location departure coincides with the retirement plans of Stu Witt, who led the Mojave Air & Space Port’s enormous growth and success.
The AV Fairgrounds location for the Business Conference typically attracts about 700 community and business leaders to the day-long series of speakers who showcase the trade, commerce and industry initiatives unique to the Antelope Valley.
“My goal is 900 in attendance,” said Hoffmann, site manager for The Boeing Co. at Edwards AFB and NASA-Dryden Flight Research Center.
Board of Trade Executive Director Vicki Medina noted that the Business Outlook Conference Committee’s core group of about 13 people is meeting regularly to work out the details involved in putting on the conference and related activities, including a sponsor’s reception at another location in Lancaster or Palmdale.
The annual Business Outlook Conference, now in its 42th year, is the premier event put on by the Antelope Valley’s leading organization for advocacy of the region as a site for business development and jobs growth. “We believe if we put on a good enough event, the people will come,” Hoffmann said. “We intend to put on an event like we haven’t put on ever before for the Business Conference.”
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42nd Annual Antelope Valley Business Outlook Conference
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