NASA, Nelson Criticize House Budget

NASA, Nelson Criticize House Budget

AIAA Daily Launch    18 July 2013


Florida Today (7/18, King) reports yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee approved a NASA budget that will give the agency $16.6 billion, over $1 billion less than what NASA has in the current budget. It will now go to the full House for approval. Rep. Frank Wolf said NASA has “been treated very, very fair” in the budget that the article notes would give NASA more than it asks for “development of a deep-space mission designed to take astronauts to Mars” but cut the commercial crew program “that partners with private aerospace firms to transport astronauts to the” ISS. NASA said in a statement, “This proposal would challenge America’s preeminence in space exploration, technology, innovation, and scientific discovery. … We are especially concerned the bill cuts funding for space technology — the ‘seed corn’ that allows the nation to conduct ever more capable and affordable space missions — and the innovative and cost-effective commercial crew program, which will break our sole dependence on foreign partners to get to the space station.” Meanwhile, in the Senate, Sens. Bill Nelson and Jay Rockefeller submitted their own authorization bill giving NASA $18.1 billion.

In another article, Space News (7/18, Berger, Subscription Publication) reports Nelson said the House’s authorization bill would be “absolutely lethal” to NASA and the US space program. According to the article, Nelson’s bill “mirrors the amount Senate appropriators” recently requested in a bill that will be marked up today.

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