The Canadian government has rejected a proposal to resurrect a 60-year-old design for a fighter-interceptor instead of pursuing its controversial procurement of 65 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. Bourdeau Industries, which has offices in the U.K. and Canada, first proposed building an updated version of the Wikipedia link CF-105 Avro Arrow as a faster and all-around better alternative to the F-35. The idea has gained the support of some prominent Canadian military figures and is now being debated informally among the political heirarchy. Officially, however, the Conservative government has flatly rejected the idea, citing, among other things, the historic nature of the design and monumental task of creating the industry to build it. That industry was in place until Feb. 20, 1959, still referred to as “Black Friday” in the Canadian aviation industry. Sixty years later, the Arrow is still considered a pinnacle of aerospace achievement in Canada. It used a fly-by-wire system decades before similar systems were used in fighters and offered a computer-controlled navigation and flight management system that didn’t become common until the F-16 and F-15 era. More…

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